It’s cold wet and I’m nice and cosy on the sofa watching Graham Norton (a UK chat comedian show host). A show I rarely watch but when I do, it usually by accident because conincidently switched on on one of my favourite, musicians, comedians or actors is on. 

This week it’s Lady Gaga, performing Do What you Want. I’m not really a Little Monster, but Gaga has thrown a fair few good tracks into music-sphere. At the moment, I’m crushing on Do What You Want. A duet with RnB maestro R. Kelly. 

Listen - it’s rather good. 

Did I tell you that I love A/W — and I love the UK High Street?

Orange was my album for 2012 and is still a front runner for 2013.

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Number One in my #FFA (Filthy Fashion Ads)

Number Two in #FFA (Filthy Fashion Ads)
Dirty Clothes

We all know sex sells, right? If you don’t then let me give you some examples; Marilyn’s bum wiggle put bums in movie theatre seats, Elvis’ hip thrusts caused teenage girl meltdown and to take it back a bit further, Picasso’s Nude Woman with Necklace raised more than a few eyebrows way back when. Obviously we’ve moved on as what was shocking back then would probably go unnoticed today. So of course it’s only natural that over the last few decades we’ve had to turn crank it up but when this pic cropped up in my instagram feed – I didn’t really know where to look (trust good old RiRi).

I’ve gone back to this picture a few times over the last couple of weeks (what can I say, she has a great bum) and eventually I realised that she was pointing out her lovely custom made Prada boots and then it all became clear. Aside from the fact Rihanna is keen to be seen as fashion afficionado, let’s face the facts; Levi’s sexy as 80s laundrette advert helped reignite a whole new generation’s love affair with 501s and generated 800% uplift in sales. And let’s not forget Eva Herzigova, Hello Boys billboard. Not only does it have the hubba hubba, cartoon wolf-whistle factor but it was voted the most iconic billboard off all time. So yes, looking back sex sells but it seems to sell even more when you put clothes into the equation. Who’d have thought – to sell more clothes you’ve gotta take them off? Weird, but it works.

So what does that mean for my beloved UK high-street? M&S running a campaign for tights using a 10 foot billboard of a woman, upside down, doing a full spread eagle? I don’t think so. Luckily there are only a few brands who can successfully spank that naughty button without blowing the roof from ASA head office - look above for some Filthy Fashion Ads #FFA who might not have blown any tops but definitely caused a few sparks.

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Kenzo Electric Jungle 2013 Campaign

I’ve watched this a few times in loop simply because I’m amazed at how well the crew behind this video captured the “spirit de Kenzo”; a little bit kitsch, kind of ghetto fabulous, exotic and ultimately very cool.

“Things that can be borrowed from a man to a woman and from a woman to a man.” - JW Anderson.
J.W. Anderson Wins My Non-Girly Girl Vote

For me I’ve always been a fan of dressing down. As a child (and the only girl in our family) there was never a shortage of cutesy outfits. In fact I had one for every day of the week, when really, I was at my happiest and most comfortable trying to ride my brothers BMX bike in a pair of dungaree shorts and a hyperglobal t-shirt.

I have to say that my taste hasn’t changed much since then and I don’t think I’m alone in this. The growing trend for 90s style has really helped push out some of those bandage-bodycon dresses and bring in all my favourites like, Jordan’s, mom style jeans (I’ve had enough constantly pulling up my jeans) and plenty of acid wash. Happy days I call it. But granted this isn’t actually how I dress - after all I do have to go to work - and I’m not 22 years old anymore. But that’s when I say thank you to the likes of COS, H&M sister and master of utilitarian style and more recently JW Anderson, the men’s and womenswear designer whose generating a bit of noise for his wearable fluid lines and minimalistic looks.

I guess that’s why Jonathan William Anderson has been awarded The Emerging Talent award by the British Fashion Council and more recently, after being the most successful collaboration in their history, Topshop’s bestie (Sorry Kate). That’s good news for us as this new found bromance between Philip Green Anderson means there’s another affordable collab on its way, to be unveiled at Topshop’s LFW show.

I can’t wait to see it. I won’t be queueing up outside Oxford Circus I’ll be trying to bag myself a few pieces to beef up my day to day, non-dugaree wearing look. After the nearly instant sell out last time, let’s hope the Buyers over at Topshop have ordered double quantities!


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